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20th February '2014
The Murky Mainstream!

Nature has bestowed Kashmir with many rivers and streams. The smaller streams flow into some major rivers. All of the Kashmir’s Rivers flow into the Arabian Sea after traversing the sub-continent. None of the Rivers or streams crossing Kashmir flow into the Indian Ocean. All over the sub-continent the rivers flow from North to South. The pro-India political parties in Kashmir are erroneously called the “Mainstream Political Parties”. It is alleged to be the main discourse and as such has been given the name of “Mainstream”. It is an imaginary stream as all the natural ones flow somewhere else. The name has apparently been given to emphasise the fact that the general thinking of Kashmiris is towards India with its capital at Delhi. As the natural flow of all rivers and streams is towards some other destination, the artificial stream called the “Mainstream” had to be carved out towards a particular destination. It is but natural that an artificially carved stream carries mud along and becomes murky. However, in spite of the best efforts the “Mainstream” has not been able to make people flow towards the intended destination and has had rather a back flow of mud and filth all these years dirtying everything in the way as also spreading the mud and filth all over the valley.

Right from 1947, the Kashmir’s true Rivers have been carrying all along their course the blood of martyrs. People have given their blood to attain their aspirations of a free Kashmir where they could stand with self-respect and dignity. On the other hand the so called “Mainstream” has been a two way channel for muck and dirt of all kinds. The recent episode involving molesting of a lady doctor by a Congress Minister of Omar Abdullah Government seems to have lifted the lid from the filth and muck the mainstream has been carrying all these years. Many newspapers ran the headlines, the “Rouges Gallery”; the “Hall of Shame” and so on listing the ministers who had been indicted during last five years for various offences involving both material and moral corruption. Interestingly, the two major political parties have been throwing muck and filth on each other even though both have been swimming in the same stream! Incidentally, the said minister after remaining in hiding which is impossible for such a well-guarded person without the connivance of the authorities surrendered to Police and secured bail to attend the legislative assembly. A columnist friend remarked that AFSPA may be extended soon to cover the nefarious activities of Kashmir’s ministers!

However, this exposure represents only tip of the iceberg if one starts listing the moral and material corruption which the members of the so called “Mainstream” have indulged in last half a century or so. The frequency of these crimes has dramatically increased in the last decade. The vessel must be proverbially getting filled up with muck and filth and may soon tip over! The tipping over may throw out the scum but the muck will remain down below unless the vessel fully breaks up!

In fact, the murky “Mainstream” started flowing in 1947 itself when it dirtied the very stalwart of Kashmiri aspirations. However, the real filth started flowing after 1953 when the main hurdle in its flow was cleared. To swim in the stream one had to be devoid of any ideology and conscience, and had to be dishonest, a shameless liar, materially and morally corrupt. Scores of politicians swimming in the stream have been changing their swim suits mid-stream umpteen times! Tragically, the people with ideology, honesty, integrity and conscience have no place in the present set up. Such people either get liquidated or incarcerated or disappear without a trace.

What has the stream brought into Kashmir all these years? Ostensibly material progress and development but inherently, corruption, both material and moral. Dishonesty and greed. Destruction of environment. Oppression of all types. Razor wire, pepper spray and pellet guns. Total dependence on outside for everything. A total slave culture. Kashmiris have been turned into slaves and serfs in every respect. A Kashmiri has been made to lose his sense of dignity and self-respect. Kashmir of today reminds one of George Orwell’s 1984 and the Animal Farm!

Any stream which gets thickened with muck and filth has always a back flow. There is a saying that chickens come home to roost! This is exactly what has happened due to the flowing back of the “Murky Mainstream”. Scuffles, Knives and Pepper Spray in Parliament. Rapes and gang rapes every other day. Scams in every government organisation including those involved in “National Security”! Moral turpitude by supposedly most respectable citizens including top judges and journalists. Muck and filth spreading all over the society. Some people feel that one has to enter the “Murky” stream to clean the filth from inside. Some say that one has to dirty hands to clean a filth covered vessel. However, in reality a murky stream cannot be cleaned. There is only one way to put an end to this muck and filth and that is to completely dry up the stream. Nature sometimes lets the murky streams get so much filled up that these stop flowing and automatically dry up! Let us hope the nature takes care of our own “Murky Mainstream” also!

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