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25th March '2014
Gulkand Wari Manz Balgum!

Kashmir has been traditionally called the “Resh Weur” or the “Pir Weur” meaning a bowl of saints or spiritual persons. The valley has been abode of mystics for a long time. In the sphere of very tolerant religious thought and human values it can be compared to a bowl containing the nectar of flowers especially the roses which is called “Gulkand”. A bowl containing the “Gulkand”, the nectar of peace, tolerance, brotherhood and humanity is a pious thing. This is a description of the highest piety for which the valley of Kashmir had been famous throughout the world. Now imagine the fate of the bowl if someone throws phlegm into it instead of the nectar! This is precisely what has happened during last few decades because of the deeds of what are known as the Kashmir’s mainstream leaders.

Corruption both material and moral has become the order of the day. Truth has been completely banished from Kashmir. Discipline and accountability do not exist in the lexicon of the Kashmir’s present rulers. There is no sphere of the society which is not tainted one way or the other. Scandals involving fake drugs, fake degrees, leaked examination papers, adulterated milk and other food stuffs and even sexual misdemeanour get exposed every second day. How has “Gulkand” turned into phlegm? It has happened because the very foundation of these rulers is based on falsehood. All these leaders right from 1947 have been lying about the true feelings of the common people.With the dawn of freedom in the sub-continent Kashmiris too had seen a ray of hope for their emancipation. They had dreamt that the bowl of nectar which had been snatched from them would be restored. However, instead of the bowl of nectar they were drowned in a bowl full of phlegm! Every bit of nectar was squeezed out of Kashmir and the bowl has been filled with all kinds of muck and rubbish.

The desecration of this pious bowl cannot be blamed only on the outsiders and their henchmen. There is a saying that the people get the rulers they deserve.The fault also lies with the people who inhabit the bowl. They consider themselves to be the followers of the most emancipated faith. However, even though they adhere strictly to the rituals yet they have no faith in its basic spirit and have gone astray. The first thing the faith teaches is to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately, the truth has been the first casualty in Kashmir. Some people say that it is the misfortune of Kashmiris that they face all these miseries. On the contrary, the people appear to be deviated and not unfortunate. Material greed has eaten away all the finer qualities of life. Honesty, sincerity, affection, love, friendship and above all the truth seem to have vanished from this valley of the saints. People have become selfish and callous. Most of the social interactions have vanished. People meet each other only at funerals or marriages. Immorality and waywardness have assumed alarming proportions. The so called mainstream leaders by their own examples have been acting as catalysts to further all these deviant qualities. In a metaphoric sense they are the phlegm which has eaten away the nectar of the roses!

What can one do to cleanse the nectar of the dirty phlegm? Whatever one may do, the phlegm can never be converted into the nectar. It would need throwing out the phlegm and cleaning the bowl before the new nectar grows in it. This has to be done in such a way that the bowl itself does not get damaged. This can only be done when the new generation which is the new nectar for the bowl follows principles and convictions rather than blindly trails the so called leaders. Every member of the new generation should be a leader in himself. He or she should follow the ideology, convictions and stand by the truth regardless of the consequences. If the personality cult, sycophancy, and nepotism ceases, the phlegm will get thrown out itself. The time for gourd and aubergine (Alleh Te Wangan) is long past. There is a strong hope that the new generation by their sacrifices will not only cleanse the bowl of Kashmir of the dirty phlegm but will fill it with new nectarof peace, tolerance, brotherhood and humanity. God Almighty will definitely guide and protect them if they follow the straight path!

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