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16th May '2014
NaMo buys Premiership!

Most of the exit polls indicate that NDA may get the majority and their Prime Ministerial candidate may finally become the Prime Minister of India! Even though these exit polls have gone wrong many times in the past, yet the general impression given by all the channels is that NDA may get a comfortable majority to form the new government. From the extensive media coverage it was evident that Narendra Modi was selling himself as a product rather than a living person with feelings, emotions, and principles. He was advertised as a very attractive and nice buyable product promising moon to poor Indians. Thousands of crores were spent on this product promotion. Continuous coverage on electronic media, thousands of hoardings all over India, all sorts of goodies distributed among the prospective voters including even bread stamped as “Modi”! There was no dearth of money. Arundhati Roy has been proved right in her claim that India is an “Upper Caste Corporate Hindu Republic”! This election confirmed that fact starkly. Corporates boosted NaMo as their man!

India claims to be the largest democracy in the world and also a secular country. Both these claims have been torn to shreds by this election. The slogan of the present election was “A Billion Votes!” It was proclaimed all over the world by all the media channels even though some foreign channels including CNN pointed out that there were only 800 million voters. However, no one educated the viewers as to what kind of voters these people were? 70% Indians live in rural areas. Almost 35% population of India is below poverty line who cannot even afford a square meal. A rural poor has no notion of political ideology or the modern development and governance. He needs, “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan”, the bread, cloth, and shelter. To them Modi was presented as a saviour promising to fulfil all their material needs. The same voters were earlier presented Indira Gandhi as Indira Rani and even as the Goddess Durga.

Even though during the present election, the one slogan given everywhere was development and governance, yet in reality the religion and the caste were the main thrust areas. The think tanks for the campaign were from RSS whose nominee NarendraModi is. They even discarded the stalwarts like Advani and Jaswant Singh in preference to Modi. It was the RSS dream to have the Akhand Bharat which they wanted to realise through Narendra Modi who became notorious after the Gujarat massacre of Muslims. For them Narendra Modi fulfilled all the requisite criteria to become a “Hindu Hitler”. Incidentally, the Nazi swastika is also the symbol of these Hindutva brigades. It is said that Hitler adopted the symbol from India itself as it represents the pure Aryan race, the purity of which was his obsession! In fact, Shehzad Poonawalla in an article, Hitler “Modi-fied”, published in Countercurrents relates very sinister similarities between the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany and NaMo in India!

The possible taking over of Modi as the Prime Minister of India has sent alarm signals in many quarters especially among the Muslim minority of India. People are apprehensive that Modi will immediately unleash the Hindutva agenda in every sphere. Even Pakistanis have been alarmed as was evident from the declaration of their Army Chief regarding Kashmir being their jugular vein. However, in reality that may not happen. He will definitely follow the policy outlined by Chanakya in his famous treatise, the Arthshastra. Even in their earlier tenure, the BJP took its own time to infiltrate the administrative and security apparatus while wearing the mask of “Insaniyat” (humanity). This was evident from the large number of the former security and administrative personnel joining the BJP bandwagon just before the election. The first and foremost task for NaMo will be to get acceptability in the West as also with India’s neighbours. At the present moment India appears to be in a confrontational attitude with all its neighbours.

Following the footsteps of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, NaMo may also wear the Vajpayee’s mask of humanity and go soft till he takes the grip of the administrative and the security apparatus and gains acceptability both within and outside India. Kashmir may naturally go on the back-burnerin view of other pressing problems. Raising the communal pitch and national security issues during the election is different than facing the problems of governance and development head on for which people have generally voted him. Kashmir has always been the last handle to be used in case of failure of other pressing measures. In fact, a few years back during the mass upheaval in Kashmir, some of the ideologues of RSS had suggested disinvesting Kashmir in the larger economic interests of India. It was suggested that to get massive NRI investments in corporate sector it may be worthwhile to get rid of Kashmir along with the perennial uncertainty resultant from it in the entire sub-continent. One will have to keep the fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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