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27th August '2014
India cannot have a Muslim PM!

According to a news report, the BJP Chief Amit Shah is working hard to install a Hindu Chief Minister in J & K. Reportedly the right hand man of PM Narendra Modi is banking upon consolidating Lok Sabha poll gains, enrolment campaign for eligible Kashmiri Pandits and an understanding with regional players. The declaration of the ruling Congress minister Sham Lal Sharma for having a Hindu Chief Minister possibly from Jammu in J & K lends some uneasy credibility to the alleged move. It is quite well known that in case of J & K, all the Indian political parties work in unison. Legally and technically as per the constitution of J & K there is no bar in having a Hindu as a Chief Minister. The J & K Constitution is more secular than the Indian constitution. It does not have religion as basis for any constitutional activity by the state unlike the Indian constitution, the clause 25-2 (B) of which gives the state the power to throw open institutions of a Hindu character, thereby, implying that the constitution framers were sure that the state would be always Hindu!

However, the entire plan has some sinister background which has been slowly emerging over past sometime. These may be the various tactical moves of a long term plan devised by the Hindutva brigade for a diabolical final solution of the perennial Kashmir problem. They probably dream about its reconversion into the ancient Hindu Kingdom! There have been a series of actions already taken or there are still actions purported to be taken which fit into a long term plan. The progressive increase in the number of pilgrims as well as duration of the Amarnath Yatra. Search for new pilgrimage spots which never existed in the history of Kashmir to present Kashmir as a holy land for Hindus. The permanent settlement with the giving of property rights to Pakistani refugees in Jammu. The clamour and the initiation of practical steps to abolish article 370 giving special status to Kashmir under the Indian constitution. The eroding of financial autonomy of the state including the bringing of the J & K Bank under the total control of the Reserve Bank of India. Kashmiri Chief Ministers have already been converted into puppets on a string! The Kashmiri equivalent of which is “Badri Nathin Adri Mohar”!

The only problem with the plan of installing a Hindu Chief Minister is the fall out which may ultimately result from its initiation. Kashmir is not an isolated island of ab origins or a reserve of Red Indians which can be colonised after decimating the local population. It is home to millions of Kashmiris majority of who have been professing the religion of peace, Islam for last more than 8 centuries. Their neighbours in close proximity are not as peace loving as the Kashmiris. They have universally declared to protect Muslims all over the world and any disturbance in Kashmir is an open invitation to them to fulfil their declared obligations!

In 1947 as stated by the BJP leader Chaman Lal Gupta, Kashmiris were forcibly married to India and it was not a temporary marriage called “Mutta”. Unfortunately, it is the Indian leaders themselves who declared it to be “Mutta” by taking the marriage deed to the UN Security Council. The entire story since then has been about the Indian attempt to wriggle out of the basic conditions of the marriage deed.

While debating the installation of a Hindu Chief Minister in Kashmir many people have posed a question whether there can also be a Muslim Prime Minister in India? The answer to that question is a big no! This has already been made clear by the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in a recent statement, “Hindustan is a Hindu nation. Hindutva is the identity of our nation and it (Hinduism) can incorporate others (religions) in itself.” In fact, he needs to be appreciated for speaking the truth fearlessly. He is not beating about the bush like the pseudo secularists of the Congress or other political parties including the Communists. Ostensibly, India in the west has been portrayed as the largest secular democracy in the world. However, the reality has not only been stated by Mohan Bhagwat but by Arundhati Roy who calls it, “the Upper Caste Hindu Corporate Republic”! The recent elections have vindicated her description. The paint of secularism has been slowly but steadily peeling off and the crowning of the RSS nominee Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister has been its ultimate climax. In spite of all the constitutional guarantees regarding the basic human rights and the equality of all citizens, there is no chance of a Muslim becoming the Prime Minister of India. This is especially so after the creation of Pakistan whose existence is still a sore point with the Hindutva brigade pinning to re-join it with the mother country, Akhand Bharat! However, Kashmiris should be prepared to accept a Hindu Chief Minister if the RSS plan goes according to schedule. But one does not need to panic or get worked up by such a move. Sometimes certain steps taken in haste have consequences which the initiators could never imagine. If the Pharaoh’s daughter had not taken Moses as an infant floating on the Nile in a basket for adoption, the Israelis may still have been in the bondage of Egyptians! A Hindu Chief Minister may unintentionally result in the ultimate salvation of Kashmiris!

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