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9th December '2014
Mahabharata’s last battle!

There have been alarming reports about the reconversion of Muslims to Hinduism. It has been given the name of “home coming” for the Hindus who had supposedly accepted Islam as their religion. It has also been announced that many more reconversions will take place. 5000 conversions are allegedly scheduled for Christmas. The RSS objective is to revert India back to the ancient Bharatvarsh, the land of Hindus. Bhagvad Gita is slated to be the “National” Book of India. It is already being formally presented by the Prime Minister to various world dignitaries as such. Godse has been declared to be a patriot and Mahatma Gandhi as unpatriotic! People have been projecting the developmental side of Narendra Modi forgetting the fact that he is an RSS Parcharak!

Mohan Bhagwat sometime back had said, “Hindustan is a Hindu nation. Hindutva is the identity of our nation and it (Hinduism) can incorporate others (religions) in itself.” He is right only the extent of India being called Hindustan. Truly, India in the Arab world in earlier times was known as Al-Hind and Indians were called Al-Hindi! This was of course on the basis of the predominance of the Hindu religion. Since that time, India has seen many religions including Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity and Islam. Apart from religion, India has a total ethnic diversity. At the present moment calling India a Hindu Nation in spite of the fact that its partition was on the basis of religion, does not gel. No doubt it has a Hindu majority yet there are sizeable number of other minorities including Muslims and Christians. Even though it is starkly evident that there is always dominance of Hindu religion in all spheres of daily life and state related functions and even some other actions, yet it is not correct to call India a “Hindu Nation” in spite of some zealots claiming it to be so! Going by true definition of nationality as given in the books of political science, India has over a dozen nations based on language, culture and history.

The concept of two nations based on religion was brought in by the departing British. It is alleged,that the very basis of the partition of the sub-continent was the refusal of the some Indian leaders especially the Hindutva elements in India’s majority Hindu population to accept Muslims as equal citizens of the country once the freedom was granted. Muslims were considered by these extremist Hindus to be outsiders left over by the invaders. The fear of getting marginalised and persecuted in the free united India had forced some Muslim leaders including Mohammad Ali Jinnah to seek a separate country for them. The western colonialists who never wanted to leave their colonies, by overt and covert means deliberately fuelled this two nation theory in the Indian sub-continent. Their main aim was to keep a hold on these colonies even after their departure.

After agreeing for the division of the country on the basis of religion, some of the secular leaders of the Indian freedom movement tried to project India as a secular republic giving equal treatment to all its citizens regardless of the religion professed by them. However, these leaders could not change the mind-set of the common people regarding India being a Hindu country especially after creation of another country on the basis of religion. They only succeeded in creating a façade of secularism but failed to change the perception of the majority of the common masses that the most important commonality uniting them was the Hindu religion.

The ethos of the real India of ancient timesas perceived by Guru Dev Tagore and Dr. Iqbal cannot be brought back by physically merging the broken away parts again into Akhand Bharat. The India of the ancient times can be redeemed only by making the artificial borders separating these countries irrelevant. If this Hindu-Muslim divide had not taken place and India had remained as one united country, it would not only have been a real super power but would have been one of the best welfare states for its citizens. They can still remain united by adopting the European Union model. If, after the most destructive war, Europe can virtually unite as one country, why cannot India, Pakistan and Bangladesh do the same?

On the contrary,at present both the countries are spending the major chunk of their budgets on defence and security against each other! The few “dirty” rich on both sides are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer thanks to the western manipulators whose main thrust is to sell more and more newer and deadlier weapons of destruction to both the countries! These very western powers tacitly support and promote this religious divide. It creates a feeling of mistrust on both sides which suits them. A Jihadi Pakistan and a Hindutva India would always be at logger heads, mistrusting each other, arming themselves to the teeth even with the nukes for the ultimate doomsday scenario.

If both the countries fail to check the religious extremists from taking over, one never knows these western powers may even encourage and allow a small nuclear exchange as a lesson for other similarly disposed countries! Recently a columnist had warned about the possibility of the western countries preparing for a nuclear exchange somewhere in Central Asia. Another possibility could be the Indian sub-continent. The famous epic of the ancient India, Mahabharata mentions Kal Yug, which is already here. India and Pakistan have become Korvas and Pandvas and Kashmir is the Drupadi who has been disrobed umpteen times! Ultimately, this tussle may end in a nuclear exchange which would definitely be the last battle of Kurukshetra thereby ending the whole epic of Mahabharata!

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